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FAA Approved Courses

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FAA Approved Courses
Modern Flight
FAA Approved Courses

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97% happiness. What does this mean? It means Modern Flight users are super happy with the courses they take, and specifically that 97% pass their tests on the first attempt. If you want to improve your drone skills or work on becoming a pilot, or just Explore the amazing world of aviation… Modern Flight has the affordable, and fun, option.
100% Risk-free with our money back guarantee! If you don’t pass the FAA knowledge test, we’ll refund 100%!

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Approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Part 61 or Part 141. Take the FAA tests when you finish the course. Or just take an introductory course and explore.


Learn on your Laptop, Tablet, or Mobile App. Study online with or without a Flight Instructor, you choose. Modern Flight instructors are global citizens.

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Take an introductory course to explore a career as a Pilot. Or jump into a certification course and start the path earning money in aviation. No matter what you choose, contact us (link to Contact page) and we’ll guide you through the possibilities.

Partner Flight Schools

Want to get in the airplane? Want to know about the flight instructors and flight schools near you? Our partner schools will give you a discount, maybe even a free flight. *Discounts and free flights apply only to our partner schools.

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